• nourish your skin

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nourish your skin

support your nervous system

restore your connection with nature

face & body oils

the o.g. skincare & self care ritual

for thousands of years, humans have been sticking plants into oils and slathering them all over our bodies. this is about more than chasing ever-shifting standards of beauty. this is about using skincare as a powerful medium for delivering potent, healing plant constituents deep into our skin, bloodstreams, & nervous systems 

i've moved through a lot of different facial oils from other companies and none felt as nourishing as the calendula oil. I use it morning and night lately, with the dryer weather coming in. my skin feels really healthy with the oil and I've noticed less wrinkles around my eyes. I love the connection of health and nature that is brought together with your products.


i’ve always been interested in the natural magical properties of plants, and now i get to experience them everyday. i use the different oils at different times of day, waking up and showering with my douglas fir and falling asleep to chamomile. i also use my calendula when I go hiking to protect my skin from UV days, pollutants, and as a natural repellent to bugs.


I enjoy dropping a few drops on my skin right after showering when the skin is at its most absorbent. The oils are incredibly aromatic in the shower too, it feels like the most lush spa! calendula is an organic solution to many skin problems so I don’t shy from using this one everywhere on my body, especially on my face!


the combination of the healing powers of calendula and the warm, sun-like color it gives to my skin is simply unbeatable. there’s nothing like leaving for the day glowing and knowing my skin is being cared for!!


we have both felt drawn to different oils for different reasons and love to use them on each other, usually before bed for a face massage (which I also feel has helped with my beard) or my personal favourite is using st john’s wort on my third eye before meditation. silke has been using calendula & chamomile as a face serum before bed to help which she feels has also helped with sleep. 

silke + kieran


regenerate & radiate

skincare like you've never experienced it before

unlike essential oils, which are a distilled extract of a narrow range of fragrant plant constituents, our oils are made by infusing whole plants into olive oil, providing the fullest spectrum of healing properties available. the deep, rich colors of our oils are evidence of their bounteous healing properties in the same way that deeply colored produce is. we're about as interested in colorless skincare as we are in colorless produce.

all of our oils are made from three, whole, organic, edible ingredients: a medicinal plant, olive oil, and cane alcohol, that's itttt, no artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals, or otherwise hard-to-pronounce thingos. this is skincare in its purest, richest form.



how do i use them?

slather these magical botanical oils all over your face, your beard (if you have one), your neck, your arms, your chest, your feet and any other part of your body that wants to be deeply nourished and experience profound energetic shifts. bonus points for sharing the love with another being, adding oils to a bath, and incorporating them into ceremony.

a little goes a long way. start with just a few drops and then increase as desired.

douglas fir

ground & expand

how do they work?

our skin is incredibly absorptive. anything we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream and our nervous system. so why not saturate our systems with divinely healing plants?

each of our products starts with a base of olive oil, which is loaded with antioxidants, nourishing fatty acids, and Vitamins A, D, E, & K. these properties help repair damage from oxidative stress and improve skin health and elasticity. olive oil is also naturally antibacterial & anti-inflammatory, keeping skin clean & calm. we're already off to a good start. after that, we infuse the oil with a medicinal plant, each one with its own unique healing properties.

st johns wort


why do we make these?

because they are just so. damn. lovely.

and because we absolutely adore products with a short list of recognizable ingredients that conenct people with each other and with the magic of the earth