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st johns wort face & body oil

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2 oz / 60 ml

summer solstice sunshine

lift your soul   

rich in hypericin, xanthones, & flavonoids, st johns wort is prized for his uplifting properties due to his effects on GABA receptors, serotonin uptake, and melatonin levels. as a neuroprotector, st johns keeps neurons in the brain and the nervous system from degeneration. these powerful qualities make st johns an excellent companion year-round and an especially excellent companion while fighting off the blues in the winter months

st johns wort flowers bloom but once a year on the summer solstice, when the sun is at its most brilliant. despite the blossoms being bright yellow, they drip with deep red, hypericin-rich oil. the deeper the red, the higher the levels of hypericin. these precious constituents are most effective when captured fresh so we make this oil only once a year. once we run out, we’re out until next summer

slather this oil all over your body to bring the light of the summer solstice deep into your nervous system

side effects include feelings of positivity and optimism

note on photosensitization

studies have shown that oral ingestion of high doses of st john’s wort is associated with a significant increase in UV-induced erythema (sunburn) in fair-skinned individuals. topical st john’s wort appears to have low potential for photosensitization. in english, that means that this topical st johns wort oil is generally safe to use even when getting exposure to sunlight - aaaand - if you do have super sensitive skin and observe an increased sensitivity to sunlight while using st johns wort, discontinue use and observe if symptoms go away. safety is first fam. 


wildcrafted st johns wort flowers grown in colorado

organic extra virgin olive oil grown in california

organic cane alcohol grown in florida

that's itttt

we like our skincare like we like our food: unprocessed with simple ingredients rich in color & nutrient density