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St. Johns Healing Oil

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St Johns oil heals sunburns, bruises, scrapes, and sore muscles. Its neuroprotective properties may also regenerate nerve tissue and improve mood & memory.


Apply to affected area four times daily, use as massage oil, or add to bath.



We believe in the power of whole, fresh ingredients and use an ancient, handmade technique to infuse whole St. John's Wort flowers into freshly-pressed Olive oil. This gentle and powerful process produces rich oils with a broad spectrum of healing plant constituents and subtle, dynamic aromas that delight the senses and deeply nourish even the most sensitive of skin.



Olive oil

From Cleopatra to Jennifer Lopez, Olive oil has long been used as a natural beauty powerhouse to keep skin plump, glowing, and youthful. Its rich sources of squalene deeply moisturize skin while phytosterols activate microcirculation and improve quality and evenness of complexion. Our Olive oil is grown, hand-picked, and pressed on a small, organic farm in Ojai, California.

St. John's Wort flowers

The bright yellow flowers of St. John's Wort drip a dark red oil at the peak of the summer solstice. This is the same time of year that early Christians celebrated the feast of St. John the Baptist, one of their prominent healers and martyrs. They noticed the correlation of the healing properties of the blood-red oil produced by the plant and christened it, "St. John's Wort." The term "wort" simply means medicinal plant. Our St John's Wort flowers were harvested by hand on the summer solstice in the mountains outside Boulder, CO.

Cane alcohol

Adding a splash of alcohol to the St. John's Wort flowers before infusing them into oil opens up the plant cell membranes and makes for a deeper, richer profile of healing constituents while still being gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. Our cane alcohol is made from organic cane and distilled by artisans in Denver, Colorado.



All organic

2 oz / 60 ml