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cottonwood bud - face & body oil

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2 oz / 60 ml

youth from the treeple

regenerate & soothe

cottonwood is a member of the salix family (the latin name for willow) and their buds and bark are rich in salicin.

topical application of salicin significantly influences gene expression profiles associated with various biological processes involving skin structure, skin hydration, pigmentation and cellular differentiation. based on the findings from this experiment, salicin was identified as a key ingredient that may regulate functional 'youth gene clusters' to reflect a more youthful gene expression profile by increasing the expression of genes responsible for youthful skin and decreasing the expression of genes responsible for the appearance of aged skin.

so yeah. it's basically magic. backed by science.


wildcrafted cottonwood buds grown in colorado

biodynamic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil grown in california

organic cane alcohol grown in florida

that's itttt

we like our skincare like we like our food: unprocessed with simple ingredients rich in color & nutrient density