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Calendula Sun Care Oil

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How to Use

Apply to face & neck before and after playing in the sun for youthful, glowing skin.



Calendula flowers

Calendula's powerful antioxidant carotenoids reverse uv damage, regenerate skin cells, stimulate collagen synthesis, and soften skin. Our Calendula flowers are grown organically on a small farm in Colorado.

Olive oil

From Cleopatra to Sophia Loren & Jennifer Lopez, Olive oil has long been used as a natural beauty powerhouse to keep skin plump, glowing, and youthful. Its rich sources of squalene deeply moisturize skin while phytosterols activate microcirculation and improve quality and evenness of complexion. Our Olive oil is grown, hand-picked, and pressed on a small, organic farm in Ojai, California.

Cane alcohol

Adding a splash of alcohol to the Calendula flowers before infusing them into oil opens up the plant cell membranes and makes for a deeper, richer profile of healing constituents while still being gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. Our cane alcohol is made from organic cane and distilled by artisans in Denver, Colorado. 

That's itttt

olive oil, calendula flowers, cane alcohol.
All organic
2 fl oz / 60 ml