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calendula face & body oil

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2 oz / 60 ml

golden sun butter

regenerate & radiate

calendula's rich reserves of carotenoids, flavonoids, & triterpenes

• repair damage caused by uv & pollutants

• smooth wrinkles & pigmentation

• stimulate collagen synthesis

• increase natural retinol

• promote cell regeneration

• reduce inflammation

calendula has long been one of the most famous plants in the world of skincare. many companies use calendula as the base for their products. and for good reason. her healing properties delight the skin. but this ain't no base. this is the real deal. experience calendula like never before in her purest, most brilliant form.

calendula is a favorite before and after exposure to the elements. did you hear that explorers? yep. this one's for you.

side effects include glowing skin and ear-to-ear grins


organic calendula flowers grown in colorado

biodynamic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil grown in california

organic cane alcohol grown in florida

that's itttt

we like our skincare like we like our food: unprocessed with simple ingredients rich in color & nutrient density