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Douglas Fir Oil: Forest Bath

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Cleanse, moisturize, & protect skin

Face & Body Oil - 2 oz / 60 ml


Humans have used resins and amber for thousands of years. The trade of amber, which is fossilized resin, can be traced back to the Stone Age around 3500 BCE, while the trade of resin can be traced to just before 1700 BCE during the Bronze Age. Native Americans use Douglas fir resin as incense in ceremony and use it topically to disinfect wounds and to soothe aching muscles and joints.

The olive branch is an ancient symbol of peace and its fruit and oil have been used to promote health and longevity since time immemorial. The good-humored Greek philosopher Democritus, born over 2400 years ago, who formulated an atomic theory of the universe, conceptualized the Milky Way as a concentration of distant stars, and lived to be 100 years old attributed his health and longevity to bathing his insides in honey and his outsides in olive oil. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, whose very name has become synonymous with beauty the world over, who famously seduced both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony with her captivating beauty, her irresistible charm, her commanding presence, and her persuasive discourse, was known to lather her body in olive oil to keep her skin youthful and radiant. 


Douglas fir resin is rich in volatile oils, flavonoids, & tannins, which make it potently antimicrobial.

Olive oil is deeply hydrating and keeps skin soft and radiant. It is full of squalene, a natural component of the epidermis which helps keep skin hydrated. It also contains oleic & palmitic acid, which hydrate and soothe skin while linoleic acid effectively prevents skin from drying. Its high levels of polyphenols are powerful antioxidants which help reverse oxidative stress such as uv damage. Phytosterols in olive oil activate microcirculation and improve quality and evenness of complexion.

A small amount of cane alcohol added to the plant material before infusing it into oil opens up the plant cell membranes and makes a broader range of the plant's constituents more bioavailable. Unlike essential oils, which are a distilled extract of a narrow range of plant constituents, our whole-plant infusions capture a broad spectrum of healing constituents and as a result are richly-colored, deeply nourishing, and much more dynamic than any other body care you've experienced before.


Douglas Fir Resin wildcrafted in Northern California autumn 2018.

Olive oil grown & pressed in California autumn 2020.

Cane alcohol grown in Thailand and distilled by artisans in Colorado autumn 2020.

That's itttt.

We partner with local farmers, wildcrafters, and artisans who have deep, regenerative relationships with the land to bring you the freshest, most sumptuous ingredients you have ever experienced in body care. Every ingredient we use is organic and comes from the most recent local harvest. Each bottle includes a batch number, which allows every ingredient to be traced to its origin.

How to Use

Massage 1 dropperful onto face in the morning after bathing to cleanse, moisturize and protect skin.

Apply 1 dropperful to armpits as a deodorant. The antimicrobial properties of Douglas Fir Resin are excellent at keeping bad odors at bay while leaving you smelling like fresh forest air.

Add 4 dropperfuls to a bath to envelop your senses with forest magic, relax and moisturize your entire body, and leave your skin feeling luxuriously soft.