Our Story

Refreshingly simple ingredients, straight from the earth.

Samuel James Queen, founder of Fam Botanicals, loves nothing more than a short list of simple ingredients. "My favorite chocolate bar is the one that has this under the list of ingredients: cocoa and sugar, full stop." While there can be numerous benefits to all the funny sounding mystery ingredients, there is a refreshing, cheeky boldness to just using simple, whole ingredients.

The best part is, when we honor plants in their whole form, they reward us with a richness that is unparalleled in overly-processed products. "Imagine if the grocery store had no produce section, only processed, packaged foods. That is the state of skincare. Think about the difference between a strawberry-flavored product and a fresh, juicy, sun-ripened strawberry. I don't want strawberry flavoring. I want the real strawberry." Fam Botanicals products are the real strawberries. We infuse whole medicinal plants into freshly-pressed olive oil to produce vibrantly-colored and richly nutritious skincare products.

There is a beautifully grounding and connective thing that happens when you learn about medicinal plants that humans have been using for thousands of years. These plants nourish our bodies, celebrate the connection between humans and our environment, and overflow with the generosity of the natural world. No longer do you feel isolated and anxious about the future. Instead, there is a sense of interconnectedness, resilience, and wonder about the magic and the mystery of the complex ecosystems we are a part of.

The name "Fam," short for "Family," is a recognition of the vast community of plant, human, animal, mineral, and elemental relatives that have been interconnected since the beginning of time as we know it. Our hope is that through using Fam Botanicals products, you feel connected to a greater community, spread across time, that wants nothing more than for you to be happy, healthy, and confident in the beautiful body that you get to experience life in.

Much love fam.

Samuel James Queen, founder.